LetterFab Colorado
LetterFab Backyard- Photo by Alex T. Clopper

With our facility located on riverfront property, we make environment preservation a daily effort. When you order a sign from LetterFab, know that the by-products and waste has been responsibly accounted for. All the acrylic, poly-carbonate, and aluminum scrap is recycled and NEVER buried in our landfills.

Our shipping department always re-uses packaging fill and we provide a drop-off point for those who wish to recycle cardboard, styrofoam, bubblewrap, and newsprint paper.

LetterFab also takes the time to recycle our bottles, cans, plastics, and cardboard, etc. brought in by our staff.

Wholesale Channel Letters, Eco-Friendly Business

Did you know?

Aluminum (which is a sign-building material) is a nonferrous material, and is infinitely recyclable! Polycarbonate is also recyclable, meaning all of our scrap is removed from our shop RESPONSIBLY. And did you know, recycling has created over 387,000 jobs for Americans? That’s Patriotism!