LetterFab is always looking for good people!


Departments include:

Office Personnel

This position is best fit with someone who has an interest in design, friendly and respectful client communication skills, marketing, web-site editing, and basic tool management.

Router Dept

Understanding of CNC equipment and how to operate hardware that can control multiple types of equipment to make our product.

Letter Building Dept

In this dept, we have multiple skill-sets here as far as, someone who can operate computer software to machine the parts that make up a channel letter,   individuals who can shape aluminum and fasten the letter together in preparing the letter for the LED dept.

LED Dept

Installation  of the LEDs and following specific directions of how-to and completing UL requirements and paperwork for each job.

TrimCap Dept

In this dept, we chemically weld plastic to make the face of a channel letter.  We have the newest CNC machinery in the industry to make this process efficient while providing a quality product to our clients.

Welding Dept

We seek welders with good skill level and a positive attitude! We primarily weld aluminum for all our signs, but have occasional shop projects using other materials.

Paint Dept

We have a very nice paint dept with a brand new, professional spray booth and complete mixing station.  We sand reverse channel letters, touch-up with Bondo, clean, prime, and finish coat our product.

Vinyl Dept

Learning to apply vinyl is a great dept for someone with cleanliness and a skill for application of adhesive backed product with a squeegee.  Those who know how to tint windows would have no problem with this dept.


If you are interested in becoming part of our team, please send your resume to sales@letterfab.com